PTSD, Anxiety & Depression Treatment Programmes

Private Mental Health Retreat.

Are you looking for proven methods to treat the root cause of PTSD symptoms, anxiety and depression and a way to get your happiness and life back?  We promise that if you commit and invest in yourself with Goodsky Mental Heath Retreat, our teams will help and teach you to:

live better, get better and stay better.

Looking for help with mental health while still at home?

Get integrative care from a proven team with years of home programme experience


  • do you suffer from depression and anxiety?
  • do you suffer from PTSD symptoms?
  • did you have a rough childhood?
  • do you sleep poorly or have insomnia?
  • are you tired but wired?
  • do you depend on caffeine just to get going? 
  • do you need alcohol or drugs just to settle down?
  • do you find the amount of medication you are on is increasing?
  • do you suffer from brain fog and find it hard to focus on tasks?
  • do you have digestion issues?
  • are your relationships falling apart?
  • have you been given labels for your symptoms but no solutions?
  • have you tried therapy but didn't get any help?


We've helped many people who have struggled their whole lives  to overcome what seemed impossible.  Our integrated shared care teams provide a tailored solution based on your needs that will help you get your life back on track and be happy once again.

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Goodsky Mental Health Retreat provides case managed PTSD treatment, anxiety and depression treatment programmes that get results using a shared care team.  Your private programme accesses a vetted and integrated team of mental health professionals, therapists and service providers that deliver a holistic and personalised lifestyle medicine approach.

  • Find and confirm the causes of your depression and anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and chronic disease
  • Provide you new and relevant information based on the most current science and testing.
  • Advise you and correctly treat your depression with a managed natural, conventional and integrated medicine approach.

All of this and more with in-depth programme management, support and resources to regain and maintain your health long term.





If you are looking for a mental health retreat victoria or mental health retreat nsw then we have two options for you.  Firstly, as we have such an incredible holistic team that work together we would recommend working with us on the Sunshine Coast for your residential stay.  However, if that is not possible then we also offer a home treatment programme that will get you access to a shared care team while we work with your existing health care professionals.

If you live outside of Queensland then your programme only requires a 2 week stay on the coast and all other treatment is done at home before you arrive and throughout an extensive lifestyle integration phase once you are back home.  So for a mental health retreat Victoria, mental health retreat NSW, mental health retreat Adelaide look no further than Goodsky treatment programmes.

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- take the DAS21 test here to understand more.

DAS21 depression anxiety and stress severity test on mobile

The DAS21 test is a simple depression test to measure your response to situations, relationships and physical awareness.   While this is not a diagnostic tool it will give you an instant summary score that will indicate where you sit on the DAS21 scale.

You remain completely anonymous and it only takes a couple of minutes with instant scores upon completion.

Take DAS21 Test

If you feel that your childhood was adverse in anyway then you may also wish to consider the ACE test.

Take ACE Test