Specialist depression treatment and recovery programmes

using case managed lifestyle medicine

Goodsky provides case managed depression treatment and recovery programmes that work using a shared care model. Our depression treatment framework facilitates private access to a vetted and integrated collective of allied health professionals, specialists, therapists and service providers delivering a personalised lifestyle medicine approach.

Our integrated lifestyle medicine teams will:

  • Find and confirm the causes of your depression and anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and chronic disease 
  • Provide you new and relevant information based on the most current science and testing.
  • Advise you and correctly treat your depression with a managed natural, conventional and integrated medicine approach.

All of this and more with in-depth case management, support and resources to regain and maintain your health long term.


- case managed depression treatment


Sourced and vetted elite group of integrated mental health and depression treatment specialists

Case management that assures depression treatment aligns with outcomes

Support network and case managers to assist you through outcomes and new health goals


Consented access to previous medical records and pathology

Creates a care plan and oversees all medical aspects of your case

Integrates with teams to ensure best outcomes and practice


Private pathology integrated with Medicare pathology to find cause

Gut health, hormones and genetics focus to stablise and support

Specific nutrition plan based on pathology results and diognostics to restore and cultivate gut health


Case management allocates suitable team members based on skill sets that meet you needs

Specialised trauma processing , stress response, anxiety and depression treatment

10 integrated psychotherapy disciplines to ensure effective treatment


Integrated team assesses and generates complete musculoskeletal report 

Specialised treatment to alleviate pain and structural issues contributing to depression

Personlised strength and stretching plan to support trouble areas identified in the report




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- with lifestyle medicine
  1. USE MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS - Initial assessment by qualified and experienced professionals is essential to getting you on the road to recovery and the correct treatment and support will get you there. 
  2. FIND THE CAUSE - This requires both diagnostics and extensive testing by qualified professionals who know what to look for in all aspects of mental and physical health
  3. GUT HEALTH - Correctly restore your microbiome or gut health to support healthy brain function, improve digestion, energy and sleep while assisting in treating depression and anxiety. 
  4. EXERCISE - Correctly improve flexibility and movement with the assistance of a professional team, increase strength and energy, improve circulation, improved heart health and cognitive function. Improve mood.
  5. SLEEP - Without it we crash and burn and rely on medication or stimulants to prop us up.  Begin by addressing gut health and exercise with support from your specialists to address deeper underlying triggers. We can help you to regain good natural sleep to help your brain process and improve your mood.
  6. NUTRITION - Critical to long-term health and essential in initiating biochemical change in your body and mind.  This must be a personalised diet based on your pathology to reduce inflammation that can be a major cause of depression and anxiety
  7. SUPPORT NETWORK - Friends, family, mental health professionals and wellness coaches are all needed to assist and support you through change and into new habits and lifestyle modifications. Loneliness and isolation are big contributors to depression let us help you regain a sense of community.
  8. MENTAL HEALTH - The right kind of therapy from the right therapist is essential in making an initial shift and critical in moving towards a healthy mind and body, long-term. We can explain why what you have done in the past has not been successful and show you new information and techniques that will work for you.
  9. SUPPLEMENTATION & MEDICATION - Chances are you are already on medication so get this reviewed by our GP to ensure these are up to date.  Nutritional supplementation has a positive impact by eliminating deficiency causing symptoms. We can then transition into food as medicine long term.  
  10. EDUCATE YOURSELF - Learn about stress and trauma, food & nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, microbiome and gut health and the connection to your brain.  Understand sleep and it affects on your entire system and learn how all of these things can effectively treat depression and support you back to good health. We can provide the support structure and cutting-edge information.


- and how does it apply to depression treatment

Lifestyle medicine requires the coming together of various and complementing health care professionals, specialists and service providers that work together to assess, treat and support patients out of chronic disease states and into better health. 

Our shared care framework and case management networks these teams together to get the best result for depression treatment.   Our lifestyle medicine approach deals with all of the contributing factors to depression that you may be facing such gut health, hormonal imbalances, viruses, bacteria yeast and parasite infection, thyroid function, pain and injuries, obesity, diet and nutrition, relationships at home and at work, self worth and self esteem, social anxiety and panic attacks and so much more.

Our depression treatment programmes require lifestyle medicine teams of professionals to understand each other and who can compliment each others specialities to achieve great outcomes that go beyond just sign posts of depression and treat the root cause.


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Q - Where is Goodsky based?

A - We run our depression treatment programmes out of Marcoola Beach on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, but our treatment teams are setup all over the coast.  That way we can make our program more affordable as we utilise professional practice facilities and teams instead of one large treatment centre. 

Q - Can I come to your depression treatment programme right away?

A - We can begin your programme right away however the residential phase of the program is typically a 2-4 week wait.  However, in this time period we can begin treatment and testing from our psychotherapy, medical and biochemical nutrition teams.  This will assist in stabilising your systems and get you in a better place before you arrive. 

Q - What does a depression treatment programme cost?

A - That is difficult to answer as we build programmes to suit what you are presenting with.  There are three main types of programme - full depression treatment, hybrid depression treatment and home depression treatment.  All of these vary in cost and inclusions so it is best to reach out to us and we can learn more about you and build a program that meets your needs.  Once we have a program we will come back to you with price and treatment protocols. 

"Big thanks to this program and the team behind it. I wanted to wait for awhile after leaving the program to leave some feedback. It has been six months now and I have made some big changes. I had some issues from when I was a kid that I needed help with but I got heaps more help than that. This program helped with my gut issues, I sleep well now when the kids let me, I exercise which I never did before because of back and neck pain which I now know how to avoid because of the osteopath and exercise physiology and yoga which I never thought I would do, lost a good bit of weight around my middle, appreciate food now and how it affects me. My depression has lifted and I have finished tapering off the medication I was on for 9 years. My family was shown how to help and support me at home which made a big difference. I would also like to point out that if I ever need anything I just pick up the phone and they give me some help and are always happy to hear from me. Best thing I have ever done for myself."



"Goodsky is the best thing I have done to treat my depression. I’ve been struggling with depression for 18 years. My body could not tolerate the side effects of the numerous medications that I had been prescribed. The only option I was given at that stage before I contacted Goodsky was to be readmitted into a mental hospital again.

I remember giving my contact details and in less than 24 hours they replied, sending me lots of information, on how they could help. A phone hook up with the team, myself and my husband was made, as I am from North Queensland, and from there everything fell into place.
The team are amazing, they have helped so much. The treatment offered is holistic because they look at all aspects of your health (like my mental health, digestive system, and endocrine system and food allergies. I was amazed that these issues in my case contributed much of my depression Since starting the natural treatment with Goodsky, my IBS has stopped, my moods have improved and become so much more stable. I learnt how to cope with my PTSD and child hood traumas; I am sleeping so much better and suffering less panic and anxiety attacks.

I am now nearly off all my prescribed medication and feeling happier and enjoying family life again. I am able to function doing normal every day activities, which I could not do before, such as cooking, cleaning, and looking after my family. My family, friends and work colleagues have commented that I am so much happier and confident in myself. Thank you to the wonderful team from Goodsky. I have never looked back since starting my treatment and would have never gotten to where I am today."



"In February this year I spent 5 days with Goodsky being evaluated from head to toe in regards to my health. I felt like I needed a good spring clean. I totally recommend Greg and his team for management of my wellbeing, they are so caring. Now in April I still have Greg checking in to see how I am going. My well being program still progresses however I feel confident and in control. Thank you Goodsky."


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