Private case management is at the heart of what we do…but what is case management?

Case management is crucial in bringing together the right specialists, ensuring that they have the appropriate skill sets, to correctly assess and treat your individual needs. You can work with our team of depression and anxiety and trauma specialists here at our luxury depression retreat program or we seek to find the best options near you and work with them to handle your case.

Each person has individual needs so we case manage each program based on variables such as location, medical requirements, specialist qualifications to suit presenting issues, time restraints, business owners and CEO needs, workers compensation programs and more.

We design an individual depression and anxiety program and case manage it:

to suit your needs based on professional recommendations

guide you through testing and assessment

support you through application and change

continued monitoring as you change and heal with support as you need it

It starts with finding out more about you so we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

For too long depression and anxiety has been traditionally treated with a ‘one size fits all mentality’ and has proven over the decades to be ineffectual. By knowing as much as we can about your circumstances, your story and history we can begin to create a program that will uncover the root cause of your depression and set you on a path of change.We are not just another luxury depression and anxiety rehab we are a true integrated program that looks for underlying cause and treats it.

Goodsky Network Management – the key to the right specialists

To get the outcomes you want it is essential that you are working with the right professionals who can get you the right answers. We have a core team that is critical to the success of our programs but there are cases when other skill sets and qualifications are required. Should this be case we have access to many specialist who we will match to your needs. In addition, should resources, time or location be an issue Goodsky can case manage with the right professionals in your area for ongoing treatment and support.

Health Data Management

We believe data plays a huge role in the future of health care and so we endeavor to embrace all technology available right now to support you wherever you are. Goodsky incorporates wearable and mobile analytic tech to put your health information, results, daily biometric data, health plan and more into the palm of your hands.Other luxury depression and anxiety rehab retreats dont use technology to the level that we do to uncover patterns of behaviour.

Diet, Sleep, Movement and more

As part of case management we track your lifestyle and habits from the beginning to gain a better understanding of the contributing factors of depression and anxiety in your life. The data is collated for your team to review and recommendations and the health plan is built around the information generated from the data.

Pathology Requests and Results Management

To assist in further assessment and testing your program G.P will order pathology based on what he believes is essential. In addition to this your program behavioural naturopath will request pathology that can only be done through medicare. We therefore need to submit these requests to your G.P with sufficient evidence as to why they need to be processed.We order more p

Program Schedule, Appointments and Logistics.

Goodsky has created a program that works in two main parts. One testing and assessment that can be done virtually anywhere and part two is a 3-4 day stay on the Sunshine Coast for further testing, assessment and education. We schedule this with our team or work in with new specialist in your area to deliver what you require.

Program Content Management and Education

As answers to your depression and anxiety come to light you will need information and education around how your team will treat and support you through change.  You don’t know what you don’t know so it is important to gain a new understanding of the changes that will occur and as case managers we want to make sure you have everything you need to get results. 

Specialist Reporting and Monitoring

As private case managers we do not get in the way of the professional treating you but we do monitor your progress every step of the way and communicate with each of your specialists to ensure that you are on track. Should we feel that you are not getting the most out the session or don’t gel with your team we will quickly make changes that will serve you best.

Benefits of Case Management

– Learn the root causes of your symptoms and how to treat them successfully

– Know what you need to do to regain your physical and mental health

– Reduce pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and other causes

– Learn how to calm & relax the mind. Learning how to calm the mind and body is a skill that can be learned

– Stabilise emotions and increase self worth and self esteem

– Improve mood and start to feel good about yourself. allow yourself to be happy

– Increase the quality of your sleep. Getting a good mights sleep is crucial for good energy and mood

– Correctly increase flexibility and movement

– Inflammation is behind many of todays physical and mental symptoms. Reducing inflammation is the key to better health and longer life

– Brain fog is a symptom that can be resolved along with depression and anxiety as they are connected

Goodsky private case management team for depression and anxiety

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As private case managers Goodsky is dedicated to helping you find answers and uncover the root cause to your depression and anxiety.

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