Natural Mental Health Retreat Case Insights

With natural mental health retreat case studies you will see what kind of clients we treat every week for depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, pain, and injuries.  You will see an overview of how we treated these cases and get an idea of how the natural mental health retreat might work for you.

Of course, every case is different and your program will be developed to suit your needs and requirements.  In addition to this, we use different therapies and techniques depending on what you present with.

For a lot of depression sufferers, it is not just one factor that is the cause of their condition but many factors that co-contribute to the client's state and each one needs to be tested for, assessed and treated correctly.   To treat depression, anxiety, chronic health issues and more at a mental health retreat such as Goodsky, you need a collective of specialists that understand what you are facing and know how to successfully treat it.  Furthermore, our team and our program are focused on lifestyle medicine which means that your program doesn't end when you leave our mental health retreat.  We integrate your treatments into your lifestyle to assist you through the transition and keep you on track. 

Natural mental health retreat case study Goodsky client

Client Profile:

  • Male
  • Age 49

    Presenting with: Depression, anxiety, high tension & stress, chronic abdominal, neck pain, very poor sleep, relationship issues.

    Assessments and testing highlighted the following causes:

    • massive reactions to some foods which were causing a wide range of issues including digestive problems, very low energy, pain and more
    • structural issues with back and neck affecting sleep, movement, and headaches
    • lifestyle choices were damaging most aspects of his health so a personalised nutrition plan, based on his pathology, and strengthening exercises from his program exercise physiologist were drawn up
    • stress and anxiety triggers were identified through his program psych
    • correct supplementation was used to support him through a change in diet and lifestyle factors.
    • medications review with his program G.P showed old and ineffective drugs were still being taken and having a negative impact on his daily life.


    By slowly implementing and controlling the correct changes to the above he was able to see change within a couple of weeks. The client already had increased energy, was sleeping better, was beginning to reduce pain and medication, didn't have the head fog anymore and for the first time had real answers as to why he felt the way he did.  He has ongoing support while he implements his new lifestyle and continues to make improvements both mentally and physically without the dependency of medications.

    Client Feedback

    "With this program I was able to get my pain under control, find out what is causing my depression and reduce my medication.   It's been 4 weeks and my sleep has improved and I feel much better already." 

    Client Profile:

    • Female
    • Age 56

    Presenting with: Extreme anxiety, depression, trauma, back pain, very poor sleep, constant headaches, and extreme fatigue.

    Assessments and testing highlighted the following causes:

    • structural issues with back and neck affecting sleep, movement, and headaches
    • anxiety triggers from trauma were visited plus  previous relationship issues were uncovered
    • unbalanced diet and some food sensitivities highlighted nutritional deficiencies
    • adrenal fatigue and cortisol levels were a major concern
    • iron studies showed depleted levels
    • almost no exercise was being done at all.


    Extensive work with our trauma specialist armed the client with methods that assisted in reducing and eliminating fears, ongoing night terror and broken sleep patterns. Plus additional therapies to support relationship health that dealt with guilt and shame.   A comprehensive meal plan was created around the clients pathology results and specific supplementation supported her through change while addressing the key drivers of her depression. 

    While on program the client also had excellent results from osteopathy treatment and was the breakthrough she needed to allow her to finally sleep and move with more freedom and without pain.   Exercise physiology sessions have worked in with the osteopathy  therapy but more work is needed to build strength for long term pain relief. 

    Client Feedback

    "Slept properly for the first time in years and my headaches have finally gone.   I had trouble with supplementation dosages but the naturopath modified them and now I am feeling so much better.  I continue to work with the recommended specialists near me and I feel like I'm doing really well. Can't thank you enough."

    Client Profile:

    • Female
    • Age 48

    Presenting with: depression anxiety, not sleeping, tiredness, kidney issues, blood in urine, weight gain, inflammation, restless legs

    Assessments and testing highlighted the following causes:

    • anxiety triggers from relationships were uncovered and childhood trauma was prominent
    • structural issues causing limited range of movement in neck, back and hips.
    • 5 foods found to be extremely sensitive and reactive
    • both MTHFR genes present
    • unbalanced diet and some food sensitivities highlighted nutritional deficiencies and high glucose levels
    • mild iodine deficiency was detected
    • single-celled parasite was detected
    • iron studies showed depleted levels
    • exercise was being done but causing pain


    Immediate and extensive sessions with our trauma specialist both before the program and during her stay to unpack childhood trauma, family and work relationships. Supportive mechanisms and specific therapy to control extreme anxiety which enabled the client to move forward and work through all of the issues in a very short amount of time.

    A complete meal plan supported with the correct supplementation has supported her through change and continues to show improvement in mood, stress response with improved energy throughout the day.  Osteopathy also proved to be helpful with musculoskeletal issues with a huge reduction in pain and enhanced movement.

    Client Feedback

    TBA - client response is pending as this is one of the most recent program completed, however, early signs show an excellent response to treatment with more energy, improved and stabilised mood, and a large reduction of medications.

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