The last 10 Clients – DAS21 review

At the end of last year and early into 2019 we pulled together the data from the last 10 clients to review our programme outcomes. One of the data points we used was the DAS21 questionnaire which covers depression, anxiety and stress with a severity range from normal to extremely severe, which looks like this:

Each client filled out the DAS21 as part of the initial health questionnaire together with the ACE questionnaire, a broad range of health markers and medical history, our teams were then able to tailor a Goodsky programme to their needs.

Here is the initial DAS21 responses…

Once their programme had finished (3 months later) we did another DAS21 with the same 10 clients to review progress and outcomes.

Here’s what we found 3 months later…

So what does all that mean?

From the initial chart, you can see the majority of clients fall into a severe to an extremely severe state of depression.  In addition to a massive reduction in stress and anxiety, the data shows that depression for all clients was eradicated almost completely.

The data shows that 100% of the last 10 clients now fall into the normal ranges (see severity scale) and is importantly backed up by the fact that they are happy living their lives. For many, that was something they thought would never happen.

So where to from here?

We already have some DAS21 responses from the 6-month mark so when we have all 10 responses back we will publish what is already looking very promising.

For more of an in-depth view of the DAS21 online data results click here

Can a Goodsky programme help you?

To answer that question properly we need to know more about you. We don’t take everyone that applies but would love to chat and do what we can for you. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, social anxiety, borderline personality disorder and much more then we have an amazing integrated team ready to help.

If our programme is not the best fit for you we do work with some great organisation that might be better suited to your needs. We can introduce you to them and help you get the assistance you need.

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