Evidence-based programmes

The science and treatment behind PTSD, depression and anxiety treatment

Given the rate of discovery and the advancement of scientific research into the human brain and body, we continually research new evidence and published studies that will enable us to better uncover the root cause and provide better results in the treatment of PTSD, depression and anxiety. 

It is this proven research and emerging science that drives your individual treatment and enables us to continually adapt to new findings and modalities of therapy.

Evidence-Based Modalities For Individual Therapy

All integrated therapies offered at Goodsky are one-on-one only.  As the bulk of studies suggest these therapies are combined and integrated to optimise treatment results and facilitate best outcomes both mentally and physically.   With programmes tailored to each individual's needs, Goodsky assesses and treats all facets of mental and physical health with adaptive protocols to align with current science, proven methods and published findings.

Many of the treatment methods offered provide excellent results when medication or traditional forms of therapy have not been effective.  This bottom-up processing, holistic and integrated approach has proven to be successful when clients are guided to process the interconnected physiological responses to trauma with trauma trained therapists. 

By learning to self-regulate and process the trauma safely and correctly, patients are then able to work on the psychological aspects of trauma, relationships, self-worth and mindsets, and make the prescribed lifestyle changes essential for long term health.

Evidence-Based Goodsky Treatments