Executive Burnout Treatment

Confidential executive & professional burnout treatment

Are you a CEO/c-suite executive, director, business owner or professional dealing with:

  • exhaustion
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • brain fog
  • lack of concentration
  • weight gain
  • broken relationships
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression

If this is you, then we have a complete treatment solution.

burnout treatment programme at Goodsky mental health retreat

Goodsky offers a tailored executive and professional burnout treatment programme that:

  • identifies the root cause of your burnout
  • safely treats root causes in unison, not in isolation
  • case manages a private, dedicated and integrated team to holistically treat and educate you personally
  • gives you the tools to actively optimise and enhance your mental and physical health
  • gives you a road map to long term health and a better version of you
  • stay connected with allocated schedule time for any business needs that require attention
  • private guest services to drive you to local practitioners and appointments

Burnout Treatment

Completely private, confidential and international beachside treatment programme

Your programme is tailored to meet your needs, addresses what you present with and supports you to remission

Integrated burnout treatment team: physical, mental, biochemical, nutritional, relational, social - see retreat health for more information

One of a kind burnout treatment programme on the Sunshine Coast Australia

This is a completely private programme with NO shared living or group therapy

Burnout Treatment Benefits

  • identifies and treats the root causes instead of a long and drawn out bandaid approach
  • optimises your mental and physical condition getting you back on board, equipped to succeed
  • learn how to manage and treat stress response
  • execute a personalised nutrition plan that supports your own mental and physical health
  • obtain tools to heal and better connect in your work and personal relationships
  • enhance cognitive function and reduce brain fog
  • optimise lifestyle to support better health and reduce chronic health risk factors
  • be the healthy role model for your company
  • minimise cost of sick leave and poor productivity
  • completely private and confidential with no shared living or therapy
  • tax deductible under productivity consulting
  • 8 week remote therapy, support and case management
goodsky executive burnout treatment

The most comprehensive burnout treatment programme available

Treating leaders from all over the world

To confidentially discuss your case please call today on

1800 940 962

Programme Commitment


  • 28 days or longer residential stay
  • + 8 week remote lifestyle integration treatment and support


Burnout treatment programme goodsky mental health retreat

If you would like a sample programme or a quote please leave us some information below and we will get right back to you.

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Burnout Treatment FAQ