Do I need to see a Doctor?

The medical review establishes a baseline and checks for health issues that we need to be aware of including chronic disease and reviewing medication. With consent this information will assist and guide the other professionals on the program. Your medical information remains confidential.

Mental Health or Chronic Health Management Plan

The other advantage of seeing the program G.P is that they can place you on to a mental health management plan which approved medicare funding for certain therapies making the program more affordable.

Goodsky private case management team for depression and anxiety

For more information on Goodsky medical reviews please email directly on


or call today on 1800-940-962

Our case managers are dedicated to helping you find answers and uncover the root cause to your depression and anxiety.

Advantages of a thorough medical review

  • Get a second opinion on confusing health matters that you have been dealing with for a long time
  • get updated pathology testing through medicare
  • get scans or MRI referrals should they be needed
  • your programme Doctor works with our team to get the right outcomes and integrate treatments
  • your programme doctor can also work in with your current doctors for medical and treatment history
  • Safety and stability is paramount and your doctor is on call should you require assistance