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After many years of planning and building tailored plans for people from all over the world, we have now developed a comprehensive and unique programme for Sydney region residents that ensures the best mental health treatment in NSW.

This mental health treatment programme combines hand picked local practitioners and our already highly experienced treatment team.   It also offers the latest clinical technology and support with our holistic and integrated approach to get the best outcomes.   

So how does it all work?  See the standard inclusions below. 

Clinical Assessment (neurofeedback)

  • Initial Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist Consultation
  • QEEG Scan (brain activity), Psychometrics, Actigraphy Assessment
  • Follow-up consultation and tailored treatment plan

Sleep and Sleep Hygiene Monitoring

  • With a clinical actigraphy device, your sleep and sleep hygiene will be tracked for 7 days and a detailed report will be reviewed in the clinical assessment.  This identifies movement, awakenings, heat, light and more.

Clinical Psychiatric Assessment

Your programme will also include an independent psychiatric assessment.  This review will

  • review medications
  • review previous diagnosis
  • order relevant blood pathology to check biochemistry
  • create a detailed report for recommendations and treatment
  • Order DNA testing to assess medication compatibility

Extensive Testing

Your programme will include extensive pathology from private labs and medicare to assess and identify:

  • DNA/genetics
  • complete gut health testing
  • extensive blood work
  • stress and sex hormones
  • and much more

Food Log Diary

Your programme includes a 7 day online food log diary that helps your treatment team with nutritional deficiencies and how to proceed with treatment.

  • Daily meal time logs
  • tracks intake of foods and beverages
  • tracks emotions, fatigue and mood

Psychotherapy (online or in person)

  • You will learn to actively apply up to date tools and skills sets enabling you to self regulate mood, anxiety, stress, depression, heal relationships, safely treat trauma, re-address mindsets and self-worth.

Non-talk therapy (neurofeedback/TMS)

Based on your clinical assessment and scan results we will tailor a brain training and treatment programme specific to how your brain responds.  This will enable you to:

  • feel more relaxed and calm
  • enhance cognitive function/processing
  • reduce stress and anxiety states
  • identify areas that need more work
  • integrate with your main therapist with complementary treatment of new skill sets and practical skills application.

Nutrition & Behavioural Naturopathy

Your naturopath will provide a tailored biochemical, microbial, nutritional and hormone treatment based on test results and presenting conditions.

  • Modify and optimise gut health to support neurotransmitter & brain function
  • treat any bacterial overgrowth found
  • stabilise mood and emotions
  • optimise tailored nutrition to support all treatments

Case & Programme Management

Case and programme management connects all of your treatment team with daily communications and case notes, monitor all aspects of your schedule and programme, supplies applicable resources, sources treatment team specialists and further medical history if accessible.

This is the huge part of the programme people don't see that helps it run smoothly and gets outcomes.


Acupuncture is a proven method for assisting in calming the sympathetic nervous system (amongst many other benefits) which aids in relaxing anxiety and stress states and optimises all other treatments in your programme.

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We are completely booked until February 2021 with intake and therapies beginning mid-January for limited cases.

Due to an unprecedented increase in cases, please expect significant delays for all inquires.

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We've helped many people who have struggled their whole lives  to overcome what seemed impossible.  Our integrated shared care teams provide a tailored solution based on your needs that will help you get your life back on track and be happy once again.

If you are looking for mental health retreats NSW to treat depression, anxiety or other conditions then we think this programme is an excellent treatment solution with the option to complete a full mental health retreat outside of NSW.