Mindset Linked to Depression and Anxiety

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When we talk about mindset linked to depression and anxiety we are referring to a persons state of mind when faced with issues such as stress and chronic stress, trauma, grief, personal loss, shame and guilt, regret, betrayal, abandonment self-worth and esteem.  We all face one or all of these issues throughout life and how we process and manage them is directly linked to depression and anxiety.  Some of these issues such as trauma, particularly childhood trauma, and PTSD treatment require qualified specialists trained in helping process and deal with the past and assist in healing.  That is why our case management ensures that you have the right specialists working for you to get results.

This can be an incredibly challenging part of the program, should you be dealing with any of the above issues, but it is critical in determining if they contribute to your condition, and if in fact they are the root cause of your depression, and how we best case manage them to get you results.

Here are some helpful links on Depression and Mindsets

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