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Not everyone can attend a mental health retreat which is why we offer the outpatient mental health care plan that provides testing, treatment and therapy where you are.

Outpatient Care Plan includes.

Access to our treatment team network across Australia and tailored to your needs.

Root Cause Assessments and Testing

Psychiatric, Psychotherapy and Medical Assessments

Online or In-person Therapy 

Access our practitioner network and attend local practices where applicable.

Case Managed 

Remote management of your case to oversee progress and initial bookings.

Tailored to Your Needs

Inclusions are based on your presenting condition and preferences. 

Available Australia Wide

You can also stay on the Sunshine Coast and work with our retreat practitioners directly.  Contact us for more details. 

Runs at your pace

While we recommend consistent application the care plan works around your commitments. 

Who is the outpatient care plan for?

Our outpatient plan is designed for people that cannot attend a mental health retreat due to work or family commitments and have the capacity and stability to manage their own plan.

This tailored care plan is not for everyone due to the support, management and care required for complex cases with extremely severe levels of PTSD, depression or anxiety.

If you are interested in a care plan such as this but are not sure about your capacity to complete it, please contact us to discuss your case and learn about treatment options that may be available to you.

If you are looking for treatment options but cannot get to a retreat then this care plan may suit your needs.  Access our treatment team network to successfully treat depression, anxiety, stress management, unresolved trauma, digestion and gut health issues, hormonal imbalance, adrenal exhaustion, relationships, insomnia and much more.

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Psychiatric Assessment

Psychiatric Assessment with one of our consulting psychiatrists will review your case and journey while examining any medications and clinical history. Your treatment team will receive a detailed report with Andy's recommendations for treatment and care with your consent. This is a top-level clinical and confidential medical report used for case insight and medication review.

Clinical Consultation and Psychiatric Oversight

  • Initial Assessment
  • Written report
  • Personality test

This appointment gives you access to our consulting psychiatrist. In this consultation, your consulting psychiatrist will:

  • Review any medications
  • Review previous diagnosis
  • Create a detailed report for recommendations and treatment


Depending on your location you can begin in-person psychotherapy consults or online consults through Zoom or facetime anywhere in the country.

While convenient, online therapy works well but for PTSD or extremely severe rated cases, we will try to find a local practitioner with the right skill sets and training for your needs. Every case is designed with safety and your best outcome in mind.

Psychotherapy (Somatic Modalities)

Somatic Modalities of psychotherapy can include

  • Clayfield
  • Art Therapy
  • Family Dynamic Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Embodied Processing+HeartMath.

Each of these modalities works on a bottom-up processing approach that directly regulates your nervous system, provides insight and treats unresolved trauma, teaches you how to increase your capacity and resilience and much more.

Psychotherapy Equine Assisted 

If practitioners and a facility are near you we include equine-assisted psychotherapy as it is so effective.

The highly trained EAGALA therapists in your programme (2 at all times throughout therapy) will assist you through a truly incredible experience that:

  • unlocks trauma and PTSD (as used by the military)
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • reveals relationship and self insights
  • provide reflection & self-development in areas of your life
  • builds confidence and self-worth

Pathology, Testing & Analysis

Begin your programme with private pathology from Australian labs that test for:

  • gut microbiome including parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungus
  • hormones including stress, sexual and metabolic
  • genetics including MTHFR and reactions to medication
  • Your gut's ability to make neurotransmitters
  • bacterial overgrowth or deficiencies
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • protein deficiency
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency

Behavioural Naturopathy

Your naturopath will review your test results and questionnaire data to tailor a treatment plan while providing nutritional protocols for mental health with practitioner-grade supplementation & herbal formula support.

Behavioural naturopathy is included in your programme to:

  • address stress and sex hormone imbalances
  • treat adrenal fatigue
  • repair gut damage
  • treat bacterial overgrowth or deficiencies
  • clear brain fog and poor memory
  • assist with weight problems through dietary protocols
  • enhance transmitter function
  • improve energy
  • optimise digestion and absorption

Clinical Sleep Test and Assessment

As part of your programme, we wish to assess your sleep and oxygen saturation levels which will provide a baseline identifying areas that can be improved. Quality sleep is essential in treating mental health conditions and will be crucial in obtaining desired outcomes.

Can I access this mental health treatment in Victoria, NSW, SA or WA?

Absolutely.  Because this care plan is designed to have the majority of therapy online we can begin work with you wherever you are?  So if you are looking for a treatment solution or a mental health retreat victoria or mental health retreat nsw we can deliver this program to you.

If you looking for a mental health retreat in South Australia or Western Australia this care plan is also readily available.

What is the duration of the programme?

This is largely dependant upon your work/lifestyle schedule and the pending test results but generally you could roll this programme out in 14 weeks.

  • Advanced pathology results can take a few weeks to return depending on which tests are required
  • Psychotherapy sessions are online or phone and work around your schedule.  We may be able to accomodate face to face sessions depending on where you are located and you may be able to get these sessions subsidised by medicare under certain conditions
  • Behavioural naturopathic consults and treatment usually span over 12 weeks

  • Biometric monitoring covers the entire program length and you keep the device to continue monitoring.

  • Initial nutritional logs for 1-2 weeks to monitor eating habits, energy, moods and nutrient uptake.  Follow up logs for 1-2 weeks to gauge changes and progress.

  • Dietetics and nutrition planning is for the duration of the programme with recipes and an eating plan with a resource of ongoing meals.

What is in the programme?

Extra Treatment Pathways


The above therapies are at the treatment core of the care plan, however, we can tailor the care plan to meet your needs with additional therapies that cover all aspects of your mental and physical health.

Includes, but not limited to, osteopathy, acupuncture, neurofeedback, EEG & Wavi scans, sound therapy, exercise physiology, nutritional IV's, medical support and much more.


Musculoskeletal Assessment & Treatment

Help alleviate pain, strengthen weak areas, helps regulate the nervous system and can assist with scans and medical procedures.


Assists with sleep, cognitive function, regulates the nervous system, builds resilience and capacity.

Exercise Physiology

Based on osteopathy findings, we can tailor a strengthening and movement plan to meet your needs. With daily stretching and strengthening you will optimise blood and oxygen flow, assist with calming your nervous system, reduce inflammation, increase energy and improve sleep.

Dietetics and Nutritional Support

We can include an assessment of your nutritional baseline and education with support on how to improve your diet, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and help support healthy lifestyle changes.

Payment plans and finance are available

Ask your case manager upon enquiry

Programme Cost

The cost for this programme varies as it will depend on your needs but on average most tailored programmes have been $20,000.  Payment splits are available and there are invoicing options for business owners.  Please discuss this with your case manager if you are interested.  See our pricing guide for more details

To find out more about a private depression treatment programme please enter your information below.

What will happen next?

One of our case managers will contact you shortly to discuss your situation and needs.  We will send you an online questionnaire that will help us understand your history and present-day challenges.  Our teams will then come together to advise on treatment options that will allow us to tailor a programme to your needs.

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