Treat depression and anxiety at home with video access to our integrated team and handpicked local providers near you. This programme has been running successfully since 2016 and we only take limited numbers every month.

Who is this programme for?

Our home support and treatment programme was originally designed for people that could not attend a residential programme due to work or family commitments seeking and new answers and treatment for their mental health challenges as well as addressing coexisting underlying chronic illness. Now with Covid19, we are seeing a demand for this programme from people around the country that still need assistance.

Our highly experienced and integrated treatment teams thoroughly treat depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma, digestion and gut health issues, hormonal imbalance, adrenal exhaustion, relationships, insomnia and much more.

This programme is perfect for those that still want support, structure, assistance and answers from a dedicated team of professionals.


Can I access this mental health retreat in Victoria, NSW, SA or WA?

Absolutely.  Because this programme is designed to have the majority of therapy online we can begin work with you where ever you are?  So if you are looking for a treatment solution or a mental health retreat victoria or mental health retreat nsw we can deliver this programme to you in your home.

If you looking for a mental health retreat in South Australia or Western Australia this programme is also readily available.

What is the duration of the programme?

This is largely dependant upon your work/lifestyle schedule and the pending test results but generally you could roll this programme out in 14 weeks.

  • Advanced pathology results can take a few weeks to return depending on which tests are required
  • Psychotherapy sessions are online or phone and work around your schedule.  We may be able to accomodate face to face sessions depending on where you are located and you may be able to get these sessions subsidised by medicare under certain conditions
  • Behavioural naturopathic consults and treatment usually span over 12 weeks

  • Biometric monitoring covers the entire program length and you keep the device to continue monitoring.

  • Initial nutritional logs for 1-2 weeks to monitor eating habits, energy, moods and nutrient uptake.  Follow up logs for 1-2 weeks to gauge changes and progress.

  • Dietetics and nutrition planning is for the duration of the programme with recipes and an eating plan with a resource of ongoing meals.

What is in the programme?

Payment plans and finance are available

Ask your case manager upon enquiry

Programme Cost

The cost for this programme varies as it will depend on your needs but on average most tailored programmes have been $20,000.  Payment splits are available and there are invoicing options for business owners.  Please discuss this with your case manager if you are interested.  See our pricing guide for more details

To find out more about a private depression treatment programme please enter your information below.

What will happen next?

One of our case managers will contact you shortly to discuss your situation and needs.  We will send you an online questionnaire that will help us understand your history and present-day challenges.  Our teams will then come together to advise on treatment options that will allow us to tailor a programme to your needs.

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