Treat the causes of your depression and anxiety using the most cutting edge techniques available.

Is this you?

  • Do your mood and energy levels swing up and down?
  • Are you depressed and anxious and have been for years?
  • Do you sleep poorly?
  • Do you feel tired but wired?
  • Do you depend on coffee in the morning just to wake up and maybe a few glasses of wine at night to calm down every day?
  • Do you find the amount of medication you are on is increasing?
  • Do you suffer from brain fog?
  • Do you find it hard to focus on tasks?
  • Do you feel your energy diminishing?
  • Are you gaining or losing weight? Are you in pain?
  • Do you find you can't deal with stress the way you used to?
  • Have you been given labels for your symptoms but no solutions?

If this is you, you are not alone. 1 million Australians suffer from depression and 2 million suffer from anxiety every year and 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.  Antidepressant use in Australia is the second highest in the world and has doubled in the last decade and yet depression and anxiety statistics are still constantly rising because there is more than one cause and we are here to help you find and treat them.

Looking beyond the diagnosis

If you do suffer from any or even all of these symptoms you may think you have tried everything, seen different specialists, tried many different drugs, even tried an inpatient hospital or retreat program for depression rehab and left without a roadmap to recovery or real answers to your condition.

At the Goodsky natural mental health retreat, we go beneath the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and focus your treatment on some major elements that are crucial to your recovery. They include biological factors such as your microbiome, chronic infection, hormones and genetics. Mental and emotional contributors including long-term stress, adverse childhood events, trauma and self-worth and self-esteem issues. lifestyle factors such as low nutrition, insufficient sleep lack of movement and lack of connection.

Unless these factors are identified and treated properly you will experience depression and anxiety, chronic inflammation, pain, adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, insomnia, lowered immunity, bacterial overgrowth and much much more.

Instead of treating what it is, we look for why it is.Goodsky natural mental health retreat


A completely private programme - designed for you

What makes our programme so different from other retreats and residential clinics is that we offer a truly private accommodation and programme that is designed around your needs.  We give you:

  • Your own self-contained beachfront apartment with stunning views and resort facilities.
  • As many therapies as possible to your apartment so that you can relax in a safe environment.
  • Access to a professional heated yoga studio and first class day spa
  • Private guest services that personally take you where you need to go
  • On call psychotherapy and medical team
  • Personalised menu and meals delivered to your apartment each day

Our natural depression and anxiety treatment programme is located right on the beach in Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast.  This is a private environment with wonderful food, yoga, massage, gentle exercise, counselling and trauma therapy while we help you to look for answers.

Accommodation at the Goodsky natural mental health retreat based in Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
massage therapy sessions at natural mental health retreat at goodsky
Rooftop apartment at Sunshine Coast Natural Mental Health Retreat
Rooftop and spa apartment at Sunshine Coast Natural Mental Health Retreat


Using the best practitioners and clinical facilities

While we endeavour to bring as many therapies to the privacy of your apartment our mental health professional teams also have excellent facilities and equipment that we utilise in delivering the best depression treatment possible.   Most clinics and therapies are only 10 minutes away and with the help of your guest support personnel, you won't have to worry about getting there.

Why do we use clinical facilities

  • Because the best professionals are in high demand and require the clinic space and teams to offer the best treatment
  • Reduces the cost of your treatment as Goodsky doesn't require a centre or facility to deliver your personalised depression treatment programme. Our average cost is less than half of other programmes that offer depression treatment but are based in addiction rehabilitation programs 
  • Assessment such as Osteopathy and Exercise Physiology requires the best equipment and space to assist in your treatment so we made sure we use the best
  • Equine therapy (EAGALA) is a major part of your psychotherapy team and our practitioners are not only the most qualified and experienced in the country, but have the best arena that facilitates international training
alt=exercise physiology to assist with pain and strengthening as part of the goodsky natural mental health retreat
alt=osteopathy treating pain causing depression in the goodsky natural mental health retreat
alt=equine therapy (eagla) as part of the goodsky natural mental health retreat
alt=heated and room temperature yoga studio as part of the Goodsky natural mental health retreat


Effective treatment from a diverse, qualified and experienced team.


Complete private pathology testing testing based on the most current science and research.

Our integrated team works together to provide effective treatment through lifestyle and behavioural interventions getting you on your way to your biological best.  This includes;

  • resolving past trauma
  • correcting nutritional deficiencies
  • gut microbiome and hormonal imbalances
  • reducing physical pain, increasing flexibility and physical movement
  • reducing stress and increasing self-worth
  • addressing genetic and inflammatory issues

Our depression and anxiety treatment teams cover all aspects of your health with:

  • doctors
  • psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • behavioural naturopaths
  • pathology teams
  • musculoskeletal teams including osteopaths and exercise physiologists
  • nutritional chefs
  • wellness coaches
  • massage therapists
  • equine therapists
  • creative art therapists
  • personal trainers
  • case managers
  • private integrated medicine consultants
  • dietitians

We have access to a variety of advanced testing, blood, urine, saliva and stool.  For example:

  • full microbiome bacterial stool test including full parasite scans.
  • blood ALCAT test to look for intolerance reactions to 200 foods and other substances,
  • saliva testing to look at hormones like oestrogen 1,2,3, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA
  • thyroid function including iodine and selenium levels
  • intestinal permeability which is a urine test to see if molecules are leaking into your vascular system causing a cytokine (inflammatory) storm which is a major cause of depression
  • possibly a candida yeast test to see if there is systemic yeast also causing inflammation
  • MTHFR testing and pyrrole testing to look for genetic issues,
  • zinc, copper, ceruloplasmin, histamine, vitamin D, homocysteine levels to map out the MTHFR pathway that is specific to you.

We are also able to do more testing in the clinic once you are on the program and once you are seen by a doctor but these will be at the doctor's discretion. Examples would be:

  • b12, folate, iron, thyroid including t3 and t4 and antibodies
  • we can also look for infections that might be contributing such as EPV and other viruses linked to chronic fatigue,
  • CRP, cancer antigens, cortisol, glucose and the usual standard panels.  We can also request pathology that has already been done for comparison.

We do more testing than any other mental health or depression retreat in Australia.

Comprehensive assessment and treatment

- Our integrated teams will work with you both mentally and physically to cover all the bases and to start comprehensive intensive treatment to assist you to be physically and mentally stronger.

  • Work on the real reasons for your depression and anxiety
  • Increase mood and energy
  • Move better, to sleep better, to eat better.
  • We use the most effective cutting edge solutions in the world today and treat as naturally as we can to assist you to regain your health and develop a very practical plan on how to continue to improve with support.
  • We bring together the right professionals for your needs who have the training and skill sets to get you answers and then coach and support you through change on program and once home again.

Case management and coaching

- We provide personalised case management through your entire program to pull all your information together and give you support, structure and education. Our team will support you before you arrive , while on program and after you leave. Our natural mental health programme also uses technology to look for patterns in sleep and movement and provide very practical support and a roadmap to follow to move towards health and away from illness.

Extensive post programme treatment and support

- Your programme success hinges on an extensive post programme framework that assists in the transition back into your everyday life.  This where the lifestyle medicine aspect supports you through change as you take what you have learnt and apply it with the help of your team to all identified aspects of your health and wellbeing.  Once home we support you with:

  • supplementation based on pathology and progress
  • personalised  diet and nutrition plan
  • exercise physiology stretches and strengthening
  • wellness coaching and programme support
  • additional consults with your medical team and testing if required
  • continued biometric monitoring to gauge sleep and activity
  • ongoing psychotherapy sessions
  • continued case management
mindfulness and downtime during natural mental health retreat at goodsky
Program Outcomes
  • Learn the root causes of your symptoms and how to treat them successfully
  • Know what you need to do to regain your physical and mental health
  • Reduce pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and other causes
  • Learn how to calm & relax the mind. Learning how to calm the mind and body is a skill that can be learned
  • Stabilise emotions and increase self worth and self esteem.
  • Improve mood and start to feel good about yourself. allow yourself to be happy
  • Improve relationships. When you feel good about yourself and have self worth you are able to give back to relationships
  • Increase the quality of your sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for good energy and mood.
  • Correctly increase flexibility and movement
  • Reduce inflammation, brain fog and beat depression naturally

mindfulness and downtime during natural mental health retreat at Goodsky on the sunshine coast
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What will happen next?

One of our case managers will contact you shortly to discuss your situation and needs.  We will send you an online questionnaire that will help us understand your history and present-day challenges.  Our teams will then come together to advise on treatment options that will allow us to tailor a programme to your needs and budget.


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