Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • mood swings and fatigue
  • depressed and anxious
  • poor sleep or insomnia
  • tired but wired
  • depend on caffeine to get going
  • need alcohol to calm down
  • medication increasing with no real effect
  • brain fog difficulty focusing
  • gaining or losing weight
  • always in pain
  • can't deal with stress the way you used to
  • Have you been given labels for your symptoms but no solutions

If this is you, Goodsky Mental Health Retreat is here to help you find your road to recovery and good health.


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Looking beyond the diagnosis

At the Goodsky Mental Health Retreat, your private treatment team goes beneath the signs and symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety and focus your treatment on the root cause and major elements that are crucial to your recovery, such as:

  • gut microbiome diversity and health
  • chronic infection and inflammation
  • hormones and epigenetics
  • long-term stress
  • adverse childhood events
  • unresolved trauma
  • self-worth and self-esteem
  • nutrition
  • quality of sleep and movement
  • lack of connection
  • pain and physical tension

These factors must be identified and treated together to get long term remission from PTSD, depression, anxiety, burnout and stress.

"Instead of treating what it is, we look for why it is"

Goodsky Mental Health Retreat

A completely private programme - designed for you

Your programme is tailored to the test and assessments results throughout your discovery and treatment phase and is flexible in meeting your needs and desired outcomes.   

What makes this mental health retreat private?

  • Tailored treatment plan and your own private treatment team
  • Private accommodation in a beachfront apartment with resort facilities
  • Private and confidential - never meet another attending client 
  • Private 1:1 therapy in your apartment, no group therapy
  • Private guest services that personally take you where you need to go
  • Personalised menu and meals delivered to your apartment each day
mental health retreat goodsky depression treatment programme
Program Outcomes

Our integrated team works together to provide effective treatment through lifestyle and behavioural interventions supporting you to your biological best.  This includes:

  • Safely resolve trauma (PTSD, childhood adversities, grief and loss)
  • Learn the root causes of your symptoms and  treat them successfully
  • Regain your physical and mental health
  • Reduce pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and other causes
  • Learn how to calm & relax the mind
  • Stabilise emotions and increase self worth and self esteem
  • Improve mood and start to feel good about yourself
  • Improve connection and heal relationships
  • Increase the quality of your sleep
  • Correctly increase flexibility and movement
  • Reduce inflammation, brain fog and beat depression naturally
  • Put depression, anxiety and stress into remission
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Our PTSD, depression and anxiety treatment teams cover all aspects of your health with integrated:

  • doctors
  • psychologists
  • trauma trained psychotherapists
  • equine assisted psychotherapists and counsellors
  • art assisted psychotherapy therapists
  • Family constellation and dynamic therapists
  • Clayfield therapists
  • Brainspotting therapists
  • Somatic experiencing therapists
  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • pathologists
  • musculoskeletal teams including osteopaths and exercise physiologists
  • nutritional chefs
  • wellness coaches
  • massage therapists
  • HBOT
  • Neurofeedback
  • Japanese acupuncturists
  • private pilates instructor
  • personal trainers
  • case managers
  • dietitians
  • nutritionists
  • Neurofeedback
  • Red light therapy
  • sound therapy

See Retreat Health and Depression Retreat for more information

Using the best practitioners and clinical facilities

While we endeavour to bring as many therapies to the privacy of your apartment our mental health professional teams also have excellent facilities and equipment that we utilise in delivering the best Mental health treatment possible. Most clinics and therapies are only 10 minutes away and with the help of your guest support personnel, you won't have to worry about getting there.

Why do we use clinical facilities

  • Because the best professionals are in high demand and require the clinic space and teams to offer the best treatment
  • Reduces the cost of your treatment as Goodsky doesn't require a centre or facility to deliver your personalised depression treatment programme. Our average cost is less than half of other programmes that offer depression treatment but are based in addiction rehabilitation programs 
  • Assessment such as Osteopathy and Exercise Physiology requires the best equipment and space to assist in your treatment so we made sure we use the best
  • Equine therapy (EAGALA) is a major part of your psychotherapy team and our practitioners are not only the most qualified and experienced in the country, but have the best arena that facilitates international training
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+ 12 weeks of home therapy and lifestyle integration

Programmes are based on a 3 week residential treatment phase plus 12 weeks of remote care and lifestyle integration.

Each programme we build is tailored to meet your needs and is based on the assessment and tests results during our discovery (testing) phase.  Read more here.

In addition to test results we consider all mental and physical health markers, such as gut health, previous illness and health challengers, childhood adversities (ACE), insomnia, nutrition and lifestyle choices, injury, PTSD and trauma plus depression, anxiety and stress scores (DAS21).

 It is important that your case is thoroughly assessed, treated and managed by an integrated shared care team for the best results.

To enquire about a tailored and private treatment programme please enter your information below and we will send you a pricing and programme guide right away.

For more information on teenager depression see our teenager treatment page and for depression treatment see our depression retreat page.

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We are completely booked until February 2021 with intake and therapies beginning mid-January for limited cases.

Due to an unprecedented increase in cases, please expect significant delays for all inquires.

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