Naturopathy and Biochemistry

In-depth testing and analysis from naturopathic behavioural specialists

In order to uncover the root cause of your depression and anxiety it is essential that we begin at a biochemical level and rule in or out known contributing factors to depression and anxiety.  For many people this kind of testing has never been offered to them but it is crucial in finding out what is driving your condition. Our naturopathic team are also mental health and behavioural specialists which are perfectly suited to comprehensively treating you.


While testing is different for everyone we do seek out the following depression drivers: thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones including salivary hormones, sexual hormones such as testosterone, genetics including MTHFR and Pyrrole disorder, vitamin/mineral imbalances including iodine loading, neurotransmitters, microbiome and digestive function and parasitology, full alcat allergy testing for 200 foods. gut permeability.

Supplementation & Nutrition

As we begin to uncover what is causing your depression you will need supplement support to assist and strengthen damaged cells and systems. This supplement support is combined with a very personalised nutrition plan based on your pathology results. We will transition you into a nutrition plan that suits you and drives recovery and healing.

Monitoring & Lifestyle Integration

As you go through change your team will revise and tweak your plan to accommodate what your body and mind requires. Nutritional monitoring is also key to successful outcomes so together we continue to track your daily food intake and it's effectiveness while you are with us and once you have left the mental health retreat.

alt=exercise and movement as part of depression treatment in a private mental health retreat
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As private case managers Goodsky is dedicated to helping you find answers and uncover the root cause to your depression and anxiety.

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