Pain Management

Integrated & Shared Care Treatment

What if...

You could get more pain relief and treatment that you needed from:

  • one team of integrated pain specialists who worked together on your case
  • were constantly updated on progress and treatment
  • could modify your treatment and programme based on findings
  • networked for best results with your own case management team
  • delivered you pain relief and management tools for long term remission

This is possible and available today with our tailored pain management and treatment programme.

If you are experiencing:

  • chronic pain from past or recent accidents
  • back pain
  • sciatica pain
  • herniated disks
  • hip pain
  • neck and jaw pain
  • traumatic brain injury
  • trauma related pain
  • knee and other joint pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • fatigue
  • declining mental health (depression, anxiety)

We have a private, tailored, management and treatment solution just for you.  We use only proven and safe methods for pain relief with the newest technology and therapy available to get results and long term remission of pain.

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What is in a programme?

As mentioned above, the programmes are tailored to meet your needs but some examples of therapy are:

  • Osteopathy assess, treat and report to your treatment team
  • Exercise physiology to assess, treat and plan for enhanced mobility and strength
  • Neuro feedback to teach self regulation of brainwave function
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for enhanced tissue and muscle repair
  • Cold Laser therapy for repairing cell damage and reduce inflammation
  • Choice point therapy to assist with re-alignment and pain relief
  • Medical Review to assess and test all aspects of physical health
  • Pain psychotherapy to assess and treat mental health conditions contributing to pain
  • Personal dietitian to introduce a low inflammatory diet based on pathology findings and educate on required nutrition
  • Private pilates to teach self maintenance of strength and mobility
  • Case management to oversee programme progress and network of professionals
  • Trauma therapy with equine assisted psychotherapy (EAGALA)
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Complete musculoskeletal assessment & report

Exercise plan to strengthen and mobilise

Neurotherapy to regulate brainwave  patterns

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Cold laser therapy for rapid pain relief 

Re-align ligaments from head to tow

Complete medical review & testing

Pain & behaviour psychotherapy specialists 

Personal nutrition education and treatment plan

Personal pilates instructor working with EP and Osteo

Your own case management and support team  

Non talk trauma therapies including equine therapy

How do I start a pain management programme?

  • As this is a private programme you will not need a referral to commence, however depending on your needs, you may need our programme GP to refer to our pain specialists.  This will be part of your care during your medical review.
  • You can apply below and begin with a health screening questionnaire
  • Once we have a questionnaire we can tailor a programme to your needs and modify it to suit your needs
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