Finding the best depression and anxiety treatment

Finding the best depression treatment and solutions for your needs to can be tricky.  For most people it's not something that they have every had to do nor every want to do, but for so many people who have suffered with some kind of mental health challenge, it is hard to know what is happening to your mind and body, who can successfully help you.

These days there are many mental health retreats in Australia but very few if any, that only treat depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma.  That's because the old model of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the most lucrative and lends itself to offering mental health support and treatment.   However, these old models are well outdated, unregulated, expensive and have a very low success rate.

So what is the right solution for you?

The best depression treatment is the one that is completely dedicated to helping you find what is causing your condition and personally and privately treat your depression and anxiety to get the best outcomes possible.  How is this done?  Through a completely private programme with a private team of mental health professionals that will test, assess and treat you based on your individual needs.

That may sound a little obvious but unless you engage a private programme like Goodsky, that provides personalised and target depression and anxiety treatment and knows what to look for, you will share your treatment with others and not get the same results.


Difference between a private programme

and traditional 28-day mental health retreat/rehabilitation

Personal and private depression treatment programme

  • Time invested into gathering key information about your health and lifestyle history.
  • Personalised team of mental health professionals that reviews your data and plans a treatment protocol that suits your needs.
  • Dedicated case management team that assists you through the programme and well into your lifestyle integration.
  • Completely private accomodation during the residential phase.  You will not have to share your programme with anyone, ever.
  • Absolutely private therapy, assessments and treatment with your team with ongoing shared care well into your lifestyle and post programme phase.
  • Safe and private depression and anxiety treatment programme for teenagers and adults as you won't be sharing an accomodation with addicts and other at-risk guests.
  • Personalised and target depression, PTSD, trauma and anxiety treatment.  Not drugs and addiction.
  • Completely unique nutrition plan and meals based on your pathology results, allergies and food preferences. These meals and snacks are prepared fresh each day and delivered to your private accomodation for you to enjoy.
  • Complete testing and pathology work to find the cause of your depression, anxiety or chronic health issues.  Each depression treatment programme is tailored to your needs and will never follow the same set of rules or method that might have worked for someone else.
  • The same guest support personnel is with you throughout your entire residential stay to support and assist you with anything you might need.
  • We encourage care support people (supportive spouse, children, close friend) to stay with you for as long as you like.  We have found that if you have someone with you that will support you and be with you throughout your depression treatment programme the better and quicker you will respond, and at no extra cost.
Goodsky mental health retreat for depression PTSD anxiety treatment

Traditional rehabilitation program (shared residential)

  • Basic information gathered and investigated as case management is not part of a traditional shared residential and rehabilitation program.  You will have to case manage yourself before and after a program.
  • Generally staying in a nice house but you will have to share it with others and will be exposed to their issues as well.  This has always been a problem for this type of traditional program as unstable clients with addictions and dependancy issues are what these programs offer, and not comprehensive depression or anxiety treatment.
  • Traditional rehabilitation retreats in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria are not ideal for teenagers or young adults seeking depression treatment as they will have to share their programme with at-risk clients dealing with a range of issues that include heavy drug addictions, alcohol addiction, suicide, violent tendencies and much more.   While these programs offer depression treatment it is not what they specialise in.
  • Some programs are based on group therapy, specifically trauma therapy.  This is not only an outdated therapy it is also considered redundant as clients are forced to re-live their trauma over and over again.
  • Some of the most expensive programs still treat all clients in a method system, which means that whatever personal issues you are dealing with you will still be treated with the same approach and method.  This could be the numbered step program or a method system derived from one persons ideology, experience or belief system.
  • Unfortunately one of the biggest hurdles to overcome with a traditional mental health retreat is that professionals don't work together to get better outcomes.  On a whole everyone does there little part but don't come together to integrate therapies and treatment.

Best Depression and Anxiety Treatment - Summary

  • Engage a professional mental health team that thoroughly treat PTSD, depression and anxiety and does not diminish your programme due to high-risk clients.
  • Consider the safety of you and your loved ones and make sure your depression or anxiety treatment is completely private in every way.
  • Make sure the programme meets your personal needs and doesn't slot you into a one size fits all approach or method.
  • Ensure that your support and treatment is continued long after your stay such as our post programme and lifestyle integration phase.
  • Make sure you can do your residential programme with the support and assistance of family and loved ones.
best depression treatment and anxiety treatment goodsky

Beating depression and getting your life back on track begins with:

  • Taking the first step to reach out to someone who can help and has helped others

    Many of our clients are nervous about taking the first step, but rest assured, we have the best team possible waiting to assist you.

  • Tell us more about what you are dealing with

    If you would prefer to submit a completed questionnaire upfront we will then know what you facing and how we can build a program that will get you answers.

  • Engage & Learn

    We have a great deal of helpful information that can help you understand that you have options other than just medications and that depression is beatable.

  • Discover

    If treatment hasn't worked with what you have tried in the past then there is so much to uncover about how your body is functioning and what small lifestyle enhancements will help move you into positive change that is sustainable with what you will learn about yourself and your body.


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What will happen next?

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