Pricing and assessment.

Basic Treatment Guide

4 Phases

We begin with:

1. Health Screen: a thorough health screen with a secure online questionnaire.  This covers every aspect of mental and physical health together with DAS21 and ACE testing.

2. Discovery and Treatment: once you begin the discovery phase, see timeline below, we will initiate testing, therapies and connect in with your current medical practitioners for recent findings (bloods, scans, assessments)

3. Residential: once the discovery phase has been completed we will tailor a complete treatment solution based on findings and your individual needs.

4. Lifestyle Integration: after 3 weeks (typical) residential we support you back home with ongoing therapy, diet & nutrition, self-care techniques, continued gut restoration, lifestyle coaching and goal setting with case management to see outcomes through.

  • The 3 options below are based on DAS21 results.  Once you have filled out the anonymous DAS21 questionnaire you will get instant results and a gauge of where you sit in the severity scale of depression, anxiety and stress. To complete a DAS21 click here
  • Once you review your DAS21 score & scale for depression, anxiety and stress you can match it to a price point that best reflects your results.
  • Should you wish to continue we can send you the Goodsky Health Questionnaire.  Once we review your medical history and current concerns we can tailor a programme to meet your needs.

Please note that the DAS21 is NOT a diagnosis tool but merely a measurement based on an internationally recognised scale. The DAS21 does NOT take into account childhood adversities (ACE), trauma, PTSD, gut health, chronic infections/diseases, pain and lifestyle choices.  Therefore, once you fill out the Goodsky health questionnaire we can get a complete understanding of your case and make recommendations accordingly. 

Depression Scale

Mild: 5-6
Moderate: 7-10
Severe: 11-13
Extremely Severe: 14+

Anxiety Scale

Mild: 4-5
Moderate: 6-7
Severe: 8-9
Extremely Severe: 10+

Stress Scale

Mild: 8-9
Moderate: 10-12
Severe: 13-16
Extremely Severe: 17+

Of course, not everyone falls into the three categories below, they are just a guide.  However, if you feel that you do fall between the 3 estimated options, then we can start you off on the smaller programme.

Once we get results from testing, get you stabilised through initial treatments and therapy we can then look at extending the programme, if required.

After all, it is our aim to get you into remission in less time and with fewer resources where ever possible.

1. Health Screen

Free, Online & Secure

  • Available online or PDF

  • Reviewed by proposed treatment team

  • case management begins

3. Tailored Programme

Private residential

  • based on discovery findings, not a fixed method

  • 3 weeks private shared care

  • Personal treatment team - no group therapy
  • beachside residential apartment - no shared living
  • 8 weeks lifestyle integration and home treatment


  • psychotherapy (Trauma informed)
  • psychotherapy (equine assisted)
  • psychotherapy (art assisted)
  • psychotherapy (mindfulness & breathwork)
  • behavioural naturopathy
  • medical review and pathology
  • dietetics
  • personalised meals and supplementation
  • osteopathy
  • exercise physiology
  • personal training
  • private pilates
  • private yoga and body calm
  • Japanese Acupuncture
  • Choice Point Remedial
  • Spa, sauna & massage
  • Case management
  • Lifestyle & Programme Coaching
  • Biometric & food log monitoring
  • pain management (red light and cold laser therapy)


To request a pricing guide and more information about a tailored programme please leave your details below and we will send you links right away.

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Are you looking for a private and personalised approach to your mental and physical wellness? Our residential treatment program is tailored to meet your unique needs based on information gathered from a comprehensive assessment and a discussion with our experienced multidisciplinary team.

With a focus on achieving your desired outcome, our program's timeframe and pricing are customized to fit your specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you to assess your situation and provide an estimate tailored to your budget. Depending on the outcome you wish to achieve and the complexity of your situation, our programs range from ten thousand to one hundred thousand dollars , but no two programmes are ever quite the same.

Factors influencing the cost include presenting symptoms,how long you have had symptoms, lifestyle factors, therapy requirements, and family support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your wellness goals.

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Insurance

There are components of a programme that can be covered by private health insurance, however, the entire programme is not covered as Goodsky is not a hospital. We provide trauma informed, bottom up treatment that is not available in hospitals.

These components include

  • Osteopathy
  • Dietetics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Remedial Massage
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture

Please check with your fund to find out if any of the above are covered and your level of cover.

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Superannuation

There are circumstances where the ATO will approve access or release of superannuation to help pay for a programme.  Every case and situation is different but the link below to Release My Super will put you in contact with a great team who are ready to assist.

How to Pay for Treatment

Did you know you can take money from your super under the Compassionate Release of Super Program?  The program is administered by the Australian Tax Office and allows superannuation holders to release money from super under Mental Health.

Want to know more?  Click Here to visit Release My Super.

Mental Health Retreats For Tax

If you are a business owner or your application for a programme is related to your employment, we can assist your accountants with invoicing options making the entire programme tax deductible.   Ask us for more information upon application.

Mental Health Retreats For Tax

If you are a business owner or your application for a programme is related to your employment, we can assist your accountants with invoicing options making the entire programme tax deductible.   Ask us for more information upon application.