Pricing & Treatment Guide

Pricing for treatment is difficult without all of your health and medical information but we want to make it as easy as possible.  We have put together 3 estimated price points and options that we hope can guide you with your treatment direction.

How Does it Work?

  • The 3 options below are based on DAS21 results.  Once you have filled out the anonymous DAS21 questionnaire you will get instant results and a gauge of where you sit in the severity scale of depression, anxiety and stress. To complete a DAS21 click here
  • Once you review your DAS21 score & scale for depression, anxiety and stress you can match it to a price point that best reflects your results.
  • Should you wish to continue we can send you the Goodsky Health Questionnaire.  Once we review your medical history and current concerns we can tailor a programme to meet your needs.

Please note that the DAS21 is NOT a diagnosis tool but merely a measurement based on an internationally recognised scale. The DAS21 does NOT take into account childhood adversities (ACE), trauma, PTSD, gut health, chronic infections/diseases, pain and lifestyle choices.  Therefore, once you fill out the Goodsky health questionnaire we can get a complete understanding of your case and make recommendations accordingly. 

Depression Scale

Mild: 5-6
Moderate: 7-10
Severe: 11-13
Extremely Severe: 14+

Anxiety Scale

Mild: 4-5
Moderate: 6-7
Severe: 8-9
Extremely Severe: 10+

Stress Scale

Mild: 8-9
Moderate: 10-12
Severe: 13-16
Extremely Severe: 17+

Of course, not everyone falls into the three categories below, they are just a guide.  However, if you feel that you do fall between the 3 estimated options, then we can start you off on the smaller programme.

Once we get results from testing, get you stabilised through initial treatments and therapy we can then look at extending the programme, if required.

After all, it is our aim to get you into remission in less time and with fewer resources where ever possible.

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Insurance

There are components of a programme that can be covered by private health insurance, however, the entire programme is not covered as Goodsky is not a hospital.

These components include

  • Osteopathy
  • Dietetics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Remedial Massage
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture

Please check with your fund to find out if any of the above are covered and your level of cover.

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Superannuation

There are circumstances where the ATO will approve access or release of superannuation to help pay for a programme.  Everyones case and situation is different but the link below is the form you will need to get started.

What you will need:

  • Written supporting documentation from 2 registered medical practitioners one of which needs to be a specialist (psychiatrist or specialist GP)
  • A quote and programme from Goodsky
  • Completed ATO application form

For more information on accessing your super on compassionate grounds click here

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Medicare

Some parts of a programme will be covered by Medicare, such as:

  • Pathology requests
  • Referred for scans/x-rays
  • IV transfusions

There is also Medicare subsidised components such as psychotherapy.  In order to get 10 sessions of psychotherapy subsidised you will need to obtain a mental health care plan from your GP.

How to get a mental health care plan

  • Simply talk to your GP about your concerns with anxiety, stress or depression and request a mental health care plan
  • Your GP will ask if you have a therapist preference or they can make suggestions to local practitioners.
  • Subsidies normally equate to about $80 per session

Mental Health Retreats Covered By DVA or Comcare

If you are a veteran your programme can be covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs or if you are a federal police officer or employee you can also make an application to Comcare.

Both situations require a quote from Goodsky and written support from 2 registered medical practitioners one of which needs to be a specialist.

Please contact us for a tailored, holistic and shared care programme that meets your individual needs and we can assist you with applications and supporting documentation.

Mental Health Retreats For Tax

If you are a business owner or your application for a programme is related to your employment, we can assist your accountants with invoicing options making the entire programme tax deductible.   Ask your case manager for more information upon application.

Mental Health Retreats Covered By Finance

If you are looking for finance to cover a the costs of a programme then you could consider

You can apply online with, use the repayment calculator and find out if you qualify for finance.