We use experienced and qualified psychologists and psychotherapists to assist you with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, childhood trauma and adverse childhood events, adult trauma, PTSD, grief and loss, stress, relationship issues, work issues, self esteem and self worth issues, mindset and communication issues.   If there is a mindset or mental and emotional component we pick a suitable therapist both locally and nationally with the right skills sets to assist and treat you both at home and while in residence at the mental health retreat.

Our therapists want to work with you to get the work done so you see the results, this is why we like to offer eight to ten hours of work just in the first month. A lot of our guests are talked out, this is why we use talk and non talk therapy such as equine and brain-spotting amongst others to get results.

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alt=exercise and movement as part of depression treatment in a private mental health retreat

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As private case managers Goodsky is dedicated to helping you find answers and uncover the root cause to your depression and anxiety.

To learn more about the best depression treatment solutions and helpful information about beating depression please visit our FAQ.