A proven holistic trauma-informed PTSD treatment method with a shared care treatment team to support, treat and teach you to optimise your mental and physical health. We treat trauma using a top down and bottom up approach that assists the body and mind to regulate and return to a balanced state.

The Goodsky Mental Health Retreat is Australia's premier mental health treatment programme and has helped service men and women from military and police forces through to pilots and emergency services, as well as teenagers and men and women of all ages struggling with PTSD, C-PTSD and trauma.


or signs of PTSD

PTSD symptoms or signs of PTSD can be:

  • Suddenly acted or felt as if a stressful experience from the past was happening all over again - seeing, hearing, smelling, or physically feeling it.
  • Felling emotionally upset when something reminded someone of a stressful experience
  • Tried to avoid thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations that reminded someone of a stressful event.
  • Have been super alert, on guard, or constantly on the lookout for danger.
  • Had a negative emotional state (fear, anger, guilt, shame, or horror) thinking about the event.
  • Lost interest in activities that used to bring joy before having the stressful experience.
  • Thought the event happened because I did something wrong or didn’t do all I could to stop it, or because of something about me.
  • Have been irritable or angry to the point of yelling at others, fighting, or destroying things.
  • Felt jumpy or easily startled by a sudden noise.

Just like all mental health conditions post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) presents itself differently for each person.  No one persons experience is the same, which is why PTSD treatment needs to be tailored to meet the challenges presented.


If any of these symptoms or signs of PTSD resonate with you why not call us today or contact us below to see how a tailored PTSD programme can help you?

Or to learn more about how PTSD and trauma impact your life, check out the PCL-5 PTSD test.

Why Talk To Us?

We understand that you may sceptical about recovering from PTSD and that PTSD treatments so far seems like they don't work, but we can help.  Goodsky mental health retreat has provided highly effective PTSD treatment for complex cases with excellent results and we can help you too.

Afterall PTSD or PTSI is an injury that can be healed.

Ask us about case studies or go to our most recent PTSD case study here for relevant PTSD treatments for insights about how you can get results.

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Want to learn more about PTSD?  Get a better understanding about what is PTSD.

Effective and successful PTSD treatment requires a holistic, integrated and multifaceted approach to treat the root cause and the body and mind as one to achieve:

  • reduction of hypervigilance
  • reduction of recurring thoughts or reliving of an event(s)
  • normalisation of extreme emotions
  • pain and tension release held in the body
  • re-discovery of purpose and joy for life with relationships
  • optimised sleep and elimination of night terrors
  • optimise self-regulation
  • reframe mindsets of guilt, shame and regret

Treating PTSD and our holistic approach

If you are looking for PTSD treatment options then may be aware that no magic pill exists that will successfully treat PTSD or any mental health challenges long term. However, there are holistic PTSD treatment options that will enable you to actively take control and optimise your mental and physical health.

To understand what is happening to your connected mind and body you will need to identify and address the root causes.  To do this we unpack the following contributors:

  • biochemical
  • hormonal
  • microbiological
  • psychological
  • nutritional
  • physical

In each of these areas, your team will teach you how to actively take control of your PTSD and mental health challenges while coaching you to optimise your mental and physical health to overcome them.

With the right PTSD treatment and active skill sets, you can take control and get your life back.

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PTSD Treatment at Goodsky Mental health Retreat


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