Do you care for or parent a teenager with depression or worried about early teenage depression signs?  Our teenager depression programme is the only one in the country that holistically treats depression, PTSD and anxiety in teenagers and children with combined parent support, care, education and lifestyle integration.

Our programme offers real change by holistically treating and curing the root causes of teenager depression, anxiety and PTSD (see PTSD treatment for more information).  With the support and education of an integrated and dedicated care team, both parent and child are required to actively apply new skills taught, commit to treatments, therapy and ongoing lifestyle changes.

Teenager Depression Symptoms

Teenager depression symptoms vary from person to person but there are key indicators that your teenager may be suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD.  Teenagers with depression and anxiety, just like adults, can present with emotional and behavioural signs but what goes undetected is biochemical and microbial imbalances.  These can be poor gut health, genetics, hormones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chronic infections and inflammation.

What to look for:

  • isolation from friends and family
  • poor appetite
  • emotional and violent outbursts
  • phone/screen addictions (social media)
  • bullying (giving and receiving)
  • low self esteem or self worth
  • constant negative mindsets
  • hypervigilance (PTSD)
  • poor sleep (less than 8 hours or more than 10)
  • little or no exercise
  • doesn't want to leave the bedroom or house
  • physical pain throughout the body
  • constant headaches & migraines
  • constant night terrors
  • lack of connection to others

So if any of the above are presenting consider taking the free teenage depression test (DAS21) to see where on the scale they sit for depression, anxiety and stress.  If you are concerned about PTSD then consider this information: what is PTSD and our page about PTSD Treatment for adults, before reading on.

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Teenage Depression Statistics

  • Research has found that half of all lifetime mental health disorders emerge by age 14 and three quarters by age 24 - McGorry, P. D., et al. (2014) op. cit. Kessler, R. C., et al. (2005) op. cit

  • Mental illness contributes to 45% of the global burden of disease among those aged 10 to 24 years - Gore, F. M., Bloem, P. J., Patton, G. C., Ferguson, J., Joseph, V., Coffey, C., Sawyer, S.M., & Mathers, C. D. (2011) Global burden of disease in young people aged 10–24 years: a systematic analysis. The Lancet, 377 (9783), 2093-2102.

  • "In 2016, just under one in four young people aged 15-19 years who responded to the Youth Survey met the criteria for having a probable serious mental illness"

  • "females were around twice as likely as males to meet the criteria for having a probable serious mental illness...between 2012 and 2016, the increase has been much more marked among females (from 22.5% in 2012 to 28.6% in 2016, compared to a rise from 12.7% to 14.1% for males).

  • "The proportion of young people meeting the criteria for having a probable serious mental illness rose from 20.8% among 15 year olds to 27.4% among 18/19 year olds." - 2017 youth mental health report
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Teenager Depression Help & Treatment

No matter what the root cause is effective teenager depression treatment will take time, effort and commitment but your treatment team is there to guide all of the way and support both family and child you through change and into remission.

What's in a programme?

  • intensive integrated psychotherapy (trauma-informed)
  • integrated equine assisted psychotherapy
  • integrated art assisted psychotherapy
  • medical review, supervision, pathology, scans/imaging, treatment
  • personalised meals, nutrition and dietary education based on findings
  • integrated programme and lifestyle coach
  • private hormone, gut, genetics, pathology/testing
  • integrated osteopathy assessment and treatment
  • integrated exercise physiology
  • integrated parent psychotherapy sessions
  • family equine assisted psychotherapy
  • integrated parent education and skills training
  • massage (remedial and relaxation)
  • integrated acupuncture (traditional Japanese)
  • your own private beachside apartment (2-3 bedrooms) family member stays at no additional cost
  • guest support for clinical appointment transfers
  • active case management & monitoring
  • 14 week programme (2 week private residential)

See retreat health for more information on therapies.

Our programme is completely private so your teenager is safe in a nurturing environment and doesn't need to share the space with others.   This is also great for parents too as it gives you a quiet place to unwind and be treated and supported as well.

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