Talk therapy versus “non talk” therapy.

alt=EAGALA equine therapy to treat depression in Goodsky depression treatment programmes

Here at the Goodsky mental health treatment programme, we are always aiming for better, ( it comes in third after do no harm and safety first). We are constantly researching and adding new techniques and skills sets so that our guests can experience them and see what works for them. It helps that we have a team that is always looking for ways to improve what they know and then sharing that with us.

Some guests are actually working with four different therapists at once, all providing complementary therapy at the same time which has an exponential effect which is stunning to be a part of. We have a guest at the moment who is going to do eight hours of therapy over the next two days. For a person seeking a traditional talk therapist that is two months worth of weekly therapy done in two days using multiple techniques.

For example, we have added some great people around grief resolution and relationships and couples counselling. We have also added new skill sets for childhood and adult trauma resolution such as EAGALA method equine therapy, brain-spotting, TRE, EFT, Mindfulness, Bibliotherapy, Dream analysis, Journalling, Havening, Integrated Breath-work, trauma-informed mindfulness and more. If you haven’t heard of these techniques I would look them up or just ask us for more information because they are so very effective especially for people that have done traditional CBT based talk therapy for years and they haven’t seen the shifts they were hoping for. 
More resources around trauma processing
Here is a link to the EAGALA equine therapy website, it should have research available.
TRE ( trauma release exercises)
more TRE theory

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