With new answers and a plan you need the right support for change

Through a supportive relationship wellness coaching empowers you to work out what you want, why you want it and what's stopping you from achieving it.

Rather than telling you what you need to do or how to best to do it our qualified wellness coaches support and empower you with a focus on facilitation. Through this you'll gain responsibility and confidence while you begin to experience ongoing change that is achievable and empowering.

Motivation for change

This program will the uncover root cause of your depression and anxiety which will in turn require change at some level, and change can be difficult for some. Our wellness coaches will help you to transition into these changes and empower you to create lasting change.


Depression has a way of distorting our thinking making someone who was once confident into a insecure, self doubting and self loathing person. Once we begin to address the root cause of your depression these thoughts and mindsets will begin to change and to have a wellness coach to guide and support you through these changes in imperative.


Once your specialist team has completed testing and assessments we will have a clear picture of how to best treat your depression and anxiety.   With that comes a plan to change lifestyle habits, mindsets, exercise and movement, nutrition and more.  Creating what you want to change in your life is very powerful and you will have the support and guidance to make that shift.

alt=exercise and movement as part of depression treatment in a private mental health retreat

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As private case managers Goodsky is dedicated to helping you find answers and uncover the root cause to your depression and anxiety.

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